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Global Moringa Oil (16 oz)


  • 100% Pure Organic Oil
  • 16 oz
  • The Most Nutrient Rich Plant Ever Discovered
  • Mother Nature’s Multi-Vitamin
  • Grown in Kumasi, Ghana


Moringa has been called the miracle tree not only for its nutritional value, but for its many uses. The ancient world used the tree for a variety of uses and now many in sub-Saharan Africa are finding out the uses of this powerful tree. It has gone by many names, but is known by most as Moringa The Miracle Tree. Moringa comes in thirteen different varieties. Most varieties grow in Asia and Africa with the most widely grown variety being Moringa Oleifera. It is a hardy variety able to withstand drought, high winds and rainy season. Moringa Leaf Powder is the most widely used and well-known part of the plant. Global Moringa leafs are picked fresh washed and dried without direct sunlight. Then ground into a powder. Global Moringa’s powder is used as a dietary supplement and can be added as a seasoning to food or mixed in with shakes.


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